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At Finca Son Roig, we take our commitment to the environment and the communities we serve seriously. This responsibility is reflected in a series of initiatives implemented throughout our hotel operations, including the care and maintenance of our rooms.


Our approach to sustainability includes a number of concrete actions. For example, we have established rigorous recycling and composting plans, replaced lighting fixtures with more energy-efficient options, and opted to use non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning and maintenance products in our green areas. In addition, we have taken steps to reduce the use of single-use consumables throughout our facilities.


These are just a few of the many ways in which we are committed to preserving the environment and reducing our environmental impact. At Finca Son Roig, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve and be an example of sustainable practices in the hotel industry.

Social Commitment

At Finca Son Roig, we are committed to the local community and the environment through concrete actions. We harvest a variety of products from our own land and distribute them to other local farms and establishments, thus promoting sustainable agricultural production and strengthening ties within our farming community.


In addition, we are committed to boosting local employment, valuing our workers and providing them with development opportunities within our company. We strongly believe in the power of the community to generate a positive impact on society and are committed to being a driver of positive change in our area.


We also strive to preserve local culture and traditions, from the architecture of our estate to the activities we offer. At Finca Son Roig, our social and environmental commitment is fundamental to our identity and is part of everything we do. We are dedicated to contributing to the well-being of our community and promoting a more sustainable and prosperous future for all. Together, we can make a difference and build a better world for generations to come.

Energy savings

At Finca Son Roig, we are committed to implementing sustainable practices that contribute to energy conservation and care for the environment. That is why we have incorporated state-of-the-art technology in the form of solar panels to meet a significant portion of our energy needs.


Our solar panels not only allow us to harness the sun's renewable energy, but also help us to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing our dependence on non-renewable energy sources. This initiative is not only environmentally responsible, but also helps us save on long-term energy costs.


In addition, we have implemented solar-powered water heating systems throughout the farm. This allows us to harness the sun's heat to heat the water used in our facilities, from the bedrooms to the common areas, thereby reducing our conventional energy consumption and promoting a more sustainable approach to resource use.

Farming at Finca Son Roig

At Finca Son Roig, we are proud of our vegetable garden, which not only provides us with fresh and healthy food, but also plays a crucial role in our zero kilometer philosophy and in the care of our farm animals.


Our garden is the heart of our kitchen, where we grow a variety of fresh, seasonal produce that is used in the preparation of our delicious dishes. From fruits and vegetables to aromatic herbs and spices, each ingredient grown in our garden brings a unique flavor and exceptional quality to our menus.


In addition to promoting a healthy and sustainable diet, our commitment to zero kilometer means that we reduce our carbon footprint by minimizing the distance between food production and consumption. In this way, we not only support local farmers, but also guarantee the freshness and quality of the ingredients that reach our tables.

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