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Sustainability at Finca Son Roig


In the picturesque setting of Porreres, Finca Son Roig stands as an Eden of serenity and sustainability. This exceptional retreat not only welcomes its visitors with grace, but also weaves a history committed to protecting the environment and enriching the local community.

In the extensive fields surrounding the estate, an unwavering commitment to sustainability unfolds. Recycling and composting schemes are intertwined with the careful choice of efficient lighting elements, manifesting a deep respect for the natural beauty that surrounds them.

Sustainable agriculture at Finca Son Roig

The estate's fields are not only picturesque landscapes, but testaments to sustainable agriculture rooted in the land. Here, the estate embraces the philosophy of kilometer zero, giving life to a culinary experience that is not only authentic, but also conscious. The farm's products become the protagonists of each dish, creating a direct link between the guest and the richness of the land that sustains Finca Son Roig.

A Tour of the Farm: Links with Nature

Beyond the fields, the estate is home to a farm that adds an extra dimension to its commitment to sustainability. Happy, healthy animals roam the farm, forming an integral part of Finca Son Roig's harmonious ecosystem. This connection with nature translates into an authentic experience for visitors, who can explore the farm and learn about the importance of respectful coexistence with animals.

Social commitment that crosses the barriers of time

Finca Son Roig not only looks to the future; it also embraces the past and present with a social commitment rooted in the community. Beyond guaranteeing access to essential services, the estate preserves local cultural richness and traditions. Business decisions are made with a deep respect for history, ensuring that no historical or archaeological products are sold and that local fauna and flora are diligently protected.

To stay at Finca Son Roig is to immerse yourself in an experience that transcends conventional comforts. It is a conscious commitment to sustainability, an embrace of authenticity and an invitation to be part of a story that is written with every eco-sustainability and every connection to the land and community.

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