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How to Plan Your Perfect Getaway to Rural Mallorca

Are you looking for a getaway that disconnects you from the hustle and bustle of the city and connects you with nature? Rural Mallorca is the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday full of authentic experiences. In this post, we'll give you all the tips and recommendations you need to plan your perfect getaway to rural Mallorca, highlighting the wonders you can find at Finca Son Roig.

Exploring Mediterranean Flavours in Romani

Discover Restaurante Romaní, a Porreres restaurant located in the historic Finca Son Roig, where Mediterranean flavours merge with the freshness of local ingredients to create an unforgettable dining experience. Housed in a 19th century building, the estate's former wine cellar, Restaurante Romaní stands as a beacon of Mallorcan gastronomy, offering a unique blend of tradition and innovation.

Exploring the wine richness of Porreres

In the heart of Mallorca, the Porreres region stands out as a hidden treasure for wine lovers. Rural Mallorca offers a spectacular setting where vineyards stretch across rolling hills, creating a picturesque landscape that serves as the cradle for some of the island's most exceptional wines.

Discover the mediterranean flavors of Finca Son Roig

If you are planning a vacation in beautiful Mallorca, get ready to delight your taste buds with the authentic flavors of the region at Finca Son Roig. This charming finca is more than just a place to relax, it's a foodie's paradise!