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Discover the history and charm of Porreres


On the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, amidst rolling landscapes and fields of vineyards, lies the charming village of Porreres. This picturesque corner, steeped in history and culture, is a hidden treasure worth discovering.

Porreres History at a Glance

Founded in the 13th century, Porreres has witnessed centuries of change and evolution. The town's name comes from the Latin word "porrum," meaning leek, and suggests the presence of agricultural crops since ancient times. The history of Porreres is marked by agriculture, wine production and cultural heritage that has endured over the years.

During the 19th century, Porrere s experienced an economic boom thanks to the wine trade, which was exported to different parts of the world. This period of prosperity left an architectural mark on the town, with the construction of stately homes and buildings that still today tell us of its past splendor.

The Charm of Porreres: Cobblestone streets and living traditions

Porreres invites you to stroll through its cobblestone streets, where traditional architecture blends with the charm of everyday life. The Plaza de la Iglesia, with the imposing Church of San Martin, stands as the heart of the village. The church, built in the 18th century, is a testimony to the religious devotion that has characterized Porreres over the centuries.

Also, don't miss the opportunity to visit the Plaza de la Vila, surrounded by historic buildings and bustling with local life. The bars and restaurants offer culinary delights that reflect the authenticity of Mallorcan gastronomy.

Finca Son Roig: Where History and Nature Intertwine in Porreres

When exploring Porreres, you can't miss Finca Son Roig, a destination that transports you to the very essence of Mallorca. This historic estate, surrounded by crops and animals, is a living testament to the agricultural tradition that has defined the region.

At the charming Finca Son Roig, a passion for history and nature merge in a unique way. This Mallorcan corner, steeped in authenticity, invites you to explore its cultivated grounds and immerse yourself in the agricultural life that has endured over time.

Bodega Sa Cabana in Finca Son Roig

Rather than simply cultivating the land, Son Roig brings the winemaking tradition to life at its Bodega Sa Cabana. Specializing in the production of high quality wines, our winery takes advantage of the rich Mallorcan soil and applies winemaking techniques passed down from generation to generation. Each bottle tells a unique story, fusing tradition with innovation.

A visit to Sa Cabana will allow you to immerse yourself in the wine culture of Mallorca. Enjoy the tranquility that only nature can offer while you delight in tasting unique wines that reflect the essence of the region. In this wine corner of Son Roig, the passion for wine becomes a sensory experience that transports you beyond time and space.

In every corner of Porreres, the agricultural essence and the wine tradition resonate in perfect harmony. Finca Son Roig, more than a destination, is a portal that transports you through time, connecting you with the roots of Mallorca. At the close of your day in Porreres, immerse yourself in the serene surroundings of Son Roig, where history and nature intertwine to offer you an authentic and memorable experience. Discover Porreres and let the magic of Son Roig envelop you in its warm and welcoming embrace!

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