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All Saints Day in Mallorca: A festival of sweet flavors


Mallorca, the picturesque Balearic island of Spain, is known for its rich culture and traditions. The Feast of All Saints, celebrated on November 1, is one of the island's most beloved festivities, not only for its religious significance but also for the delicious delicacies that accompany it.

In this article, we invite you to explore the history of this holiday and, above all, to immerse yourself in Mallorca's irresistible culinary traditions.

A connection with the past

The All Saints Day, or "Tots Sants" in Mallorcan, is a celebration that pays homage to all the saints recognized by the Catholic Church. The choice of November 1st for this festivity dates back to the early Church, which established this date as All Saints' Day in honor of those who had attained sainthood and who did not have their own feast day in the liturgical calendar.

Traditional Mallorcan sweets

All Saints' Day in Mallorca is an occasion when religious traditions blend harmoniously with the island's culinary culture. One of the highlights of this festivity is the variety of traditional sweets that are lovingly prepared and shared among family and friends.

Mallorcan panellets

Panellets are small delicacies made of ground almonds, sugar and egg. Often ingredients such as pine nuts, shredded coconut or cocoa powder are added to create unique flavors. These little morsels of deliciousness are passed down from generation to generation and enjoyed in the company of loved ones.

Buñuelos de Viento

Buñuelos de viento are small, fluffy, fried balls filled with pastry cream, chocolate or angel hair. They are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of hot chocolate or coffee after a day of celebrations.

Sweet potato sweets

Sweet potato candies are made from cooked sweet potatoes and sugar, with a touch of cinnamon. They offer a mild and slightly sweet flavor, a delicious option that complements the traditional sweets of the holiday.

Mallorcan Mantecados

Mantecados are crunchy cookies made with lard, flour, sugar, and lemon zest, often decorated with powdered sugar. They are the ideal companion to a glass of sweet wine.

Almond nougat

The almond nougat is another protagonist in the Day of All Saints, made with toasted almonds, honey and sugar. Its crunchy texture and bittersweet flavor make it a favorite among the island's inhabitants.

The All Saints Day in Mallorca is a celebration that fuses religion with culinary tradition, offering a unique and delicious experience for all who are lucky enough to enjoy it. And for an authentic island experience, consider staying at the beautiful Finca Son Roig in Porreres, where you can enjoy an exceptional gastronomic experience and fully immerse yourself in the richness of Mallorcan culture.

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